Humours of an election II


William Hogarth: Humours of an election

The humours of an election είναι μία σειρά τεσσάρων έργων του William Hogarth. (περισσότερα εδώ). Ένας από αυτούς τους πίνακες είναι ο ακόλουθος, (The Polling) «Voters are shown declaring their support for the Whigs (orange) or Tories (blue). Agents from both sides are using unscrupulous tactics to increase their votes or challenge opposing voters. A Whig voter with a hook instead of his amputated hand is being challenged because he is placing his hook, rather than his hand, as legally prescribed, on the book.
Meanwhile, the Tories are bringing a mentally disabled man to vote. A dying man is being carried in behind him. In the background a woman in a carriage with a broken axle stands for Britannia. Her servants are gambling, ignoring the fact that the carriage is broken.»(wikipedia)