Indignez-vous! (Αγανακτήστε!)

Ο 93χρονος Stefane Hessel, συνταξιούχος, γάλλος διπλωμάτης, έγραψε ένα μικρό δοκίμιο το οποίο σε πολύ σύντομο διάστημα έχει εξελιχθεί σε παγκόσμιο best seller.
(για όσους δυσκολεύονται με τα γαλλικά η συζήτηση περιστρέφεται γύρω από την αρνητική λειτουργία των αγορών που έχουν φτάσει σήμερα να απειλούν την ειρήνη, τα δικαιώματα των ανθρώπων, την ίδια τη δημοκρατία)
Αποσπάσματα από το βιβλίο:
«Ninety-three years. I’m nearing the last stage. The end cannot be far off. How lucky I am to be able to draw on the foundation of my political life: the Resistance and the National Council of the Resistance’s program from sixty-six years ago….»

Τhe motivation that underlay the Resistance was outrage. We, the veterans of the Resistance movements and fighting forces of Free France, call on the younger generations to revive and carry forward the tradition of the Resistance and its ideas. We say to you: take over, keep going, get angry! Those in positions of political responsibility, economic power and intellectual authority, in fact our whole society, must not give up or let ourselves be overwhelmed by the current international dictatorship of the financial markets, which is such a threat to peace and democracy….

We must realize that violence turns its back on hope. We have to choose hope over violence—choose the hope of nonviolence. That is the path we must learn to follow. The oppressors no less than the oppressed have to negotiate to remove the oppression: that is what will eliminate terrorist violence. That is why we cannot let too much hate accumulate….

To you who will create the twenty-first century, we say, from the bottom of our hearts,



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